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So much to do!
Joining activities is a great way to meet people, and the Comox Valley Newcomers Club really does have something for everyone! 

Participation is by sign-up at the monthly meetings. If you are unable to come to a meeting, contact us and we'll put you in touch with the co-ordinator of the activity you're interested in. For some activities, guests* are welcome. Some of the activities are in partnership with the CV Newcomers Alumnae (CVNA) or Glacier Newcomers Alumnae Association (GNAA).

*All invited guests must sign a waiver form to participate.

Indoor Games

Bridge with GNAA​ (1st Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday of the month)
This is Bridge with a fun, relaxed and welcoming group. All levels of bridge players are welcome. We meet at each other's homes. Regular attendance is not required.

Ladies Curling Team (Every Tuesday afternoon, 2:30pm)
A social curling league and everyone goes up to the lounge after each game. Spares are needed throughout the season, so if you would like to sign up as a spare, contact the convenor.

Wednesday Bridge Builders (Each Wednesday of the month, 1:30pm)
​Joint activity with the CVNA. 
This is a fun group where checking plays is okay from instruction sheets.

Wednesday Evening Bridge (2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month)
Joint activity with the CVNA.
We play Standard American Bridge, Pre-empts, Gerber, Blackwood and Strong 2 openings. It's a great place to brush up on your skills, meet new bridge players and have an evening of fun.

Monday Afternoon Bridge (1st and 3rd Monday of the month)
We welcome new members and anyone who would like to spare.

Bridge on Church (2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 12:30pm sharp)
Joint activity with CVNA.
This fast-paced social group requires players to know Strong 2 openings and transfers to the majors. If you are a beginner, this is not the place to start.

Marathon Bridge
Joint activity with CVNA.
A new season of Marathon Bridge began in September 2017 and is now full.
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Games Night (3rd Monday of the month, 7 to 9pm)
Scrabble, cribbage, Hearts, Dominos, Crazy 8's, Euchre or any games you would like to play. 
Partners are welcome.

Euchre on Weekends with GNAA (2nd Saturday of the month)
We rotate between members' homes. Partners welcome.
Once you have signed up for Euchre, you will be placed on the convenors contact list and will be notified of the date, time, and meeting place.

Bowling with GNAA (Each Wednesday of the month, 1pm) (suspended for Xmas - will not meet Dec 20, 27 and Jan 3. 
Will resume January 10, 2018
A fun day of bowling.  All levels welcome. Cost $11.75 with shoe rental; $8.75 if you have your own shoes.

Mahjong Anyone?
Joint activity with CVNA​. The response to Mahjong lessons has been overwhelming. 
If you are new to Mahjong and want to learn how to play, stay tuned for information on winter sessions. (see future newsletters).
If you already know how to play Mahjong, please e-mail the conveners.

Outdoor Pursuits

Snowshoeing (will begin in Januaray 2018)
Joint activity with GNAA

Intermediate cycling in the valley intended for novices or those who are rusty and want to get going again. Wednesday mornings, one- to one and a half hour easy rides, mostly flat, a few hills. Coffee at the end of the ride.  Bring a guest.
Convenor needed.

For more seasoned cyclists, Mondays, 1.5 hour to 2 hour rides. Coffee at the end of the ride.
Guests or partners welcome. Convenor needed.

Dog Partner Walk (Every Thursday)
Guests or Partners welcome.  Joint activity with GNAA.

Friday Morning Walk & Talk (Every Friday)  (Walk Schedule)
Rain or shine, these lively walks provide our members and guests with an opportunity to get some exercise in the company of new friends and a chance to get to know the Comox Valley. We have coffee after the walk.

Wednesday's Brisk Walk
We meet year round  at 3:30pm for a brisk one-hour walk.

Gardening Club (3rd Wednesday of the month)
Joint activity with the CVNA
We do a variety of activities; from guest speakers to field trips to gardens and garden centres in the Comox Valley.

Mount Washington Outdoors (Every Tuesday) 
In partnership with CVNA
Join us for a day of hiking on various trails around the Comox Valley and beyond.  Be prepared for uneven terrain, muddy trails and hills. 
Guest and partners welcome.  In winter, activity shifts to snowshoeing and skiing.    

Newcomers'/GNAA Golf
Newcomers'/CVNA Golf                 
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Food, Glorious Food!

Appy Night (3rd Saturday of the month)
An opportunity to meet new people in a casual, friendly setting in a member's home. Each newcomer brings an appetizer and their own beverage. The host provides tea and coffee. Come alone or bring a guest, partner or spouse.

Coffee House (3rd Thursday of the month)
Get to know other newcomers in a smaller group setting. Sign up to enjoy coffee and conversation at members' homes.

Luncheon Group (4th Thursday of the month)
We meet to chat and enjoy lunch at various restaurants in the Comox Valley.

Pub & Grub (Last Wednesday of the month)
Enjoy a pub/restaurant meal with other newcomers on the last Wednesday of the month. Come alone or bring a guest.  
Pub n Grub will not held May through August!    
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Other Diversions

Quilting for Self and Others (Tuesdays, 1:30 to 3:30pm)
Joint activity with CVNA
Whether you are a wannabe quilter or have some unfinished projects tucked away in a closet that you need help with, please join us for tea, chat and quilting. There is a table for cutting out, tables to set up sewing machines, comfy sofas to sit on and, depending on the talent of those who sign up, there may be help on quilting techniques.

Joint activity with CVNA. We meet in participant's homes. We basically follow the game rules, but with some variation. There are at least two players with at least one 'word book', but there can be as many as eight players to a game.

Decor Group
Joint activity with CVNA.  This group is full at the moment.  An additional group is being planned.

Birthday Club
Sign up and join others in your birthday month for lunch.

Book Club (Various clubs, various days)
There are many Newcomer book clubs that discuss books chosen by the individual groups. When existing groups need new members, they put out a request at the sign-up tables during a general meeting.  If there is not space available, you can add your name to a waiting list or start a new group at your preferred time and day.

Geneology (4th Thursday of the Month, 1:30pm)
Joint activity with CVNA

Impromptu Diversions (Various days and times)
Do you have an idea for an activity that you would like to do with someone?  All ideas for activities are welcome. Add your name to an email distribution list if you’re looking for someone to accompany you on various activities. Guests welcome.

Music Makers (1st Thursday of the month, 1:30 to 4pm)
Joint activity with CVNA
We make joyful music together in a supportive environment. All ability levels welcome. We meet in one of our homes.

Stitching with CVNA (1st Wednesday of the month, 1:00 to 3:30pm)
Bring your knitting, crochet or needlework and socialize with others while working on your projects. All skill levels welcome.

Stitch 'n Time with GNAA (3rd Thursday of the Month, 1pm)
Come join a group of people who want to work on any needlecraft such as knitting, crocheting, quilting or embroidery. It's a time for working on projects, talking and having fun. 

Hospital Knitting / Crocheting
Joint activity with CVNA. The members of this group meet once a month to knit/crochet items to be donated to our hospital gift shop.  The Gift Shop will sell the items as part of their fund-raising efforts.
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Art Enthusiasts (Various days of the month)
Getting together to enjoy a passion for creating art in a variety of mediums (water colours, oils, ink, paper art, clay, etc.). There may be opportunities to visit art galleries, special showings or a particular artist.  Ideas welcome.

Paint Night (Various dates and times)
Fee to cover materials, hall rental and the instructor's time.
Guided by a professional art instructor who provides everything we need to paint, we get together once or twice a month to paint a picture in acrylic or watercolour.

​*Please note, where guests are invited to participate, a signed waiver form must be provided.

For more information (contact names, places and e-mail addresses) about Newcomers' activities, please read the monthly newsletter 
available on the Members-info webpage.
For additional information on any of these activities (including contact names, meeting places and e-mails) Newcomers' members can read the monthly newsletters available on the Members-info webpage.